Torque Sensors

MST 350

The new MST 350 is an innovative torque sensor based on the our patent-pending low-cost technology.

MST 350 is innovative from many point of view:

  • The new low-cost technology is the key: we reinvent torque measurement by using a low-cost and reliable technology, which allows simplifing the sensor architecture, reducing costs.
  • The new Plug & Play architecture simplifies installation avoiding interruptions or modification of the existing parts. The installation is easy and doesn’t require experienced installers or special tools.
  • We made the sensor smart adding wireless connectivity. This allows to control the sensor data trough consumer electronic products like smartphones and tablet, or to integrate the sensor into any existing communication network  of your system (e.g. CAN) by means of an additional dongle.
  • The core technology is highly scalable, this allows to make the sensor light, compact and highly customizable.
  • The sensor architecture is designed to host redundant parts, in order to improve system reliability for safety critical applications.

The figure shows the results of the dynamometric test performed in our lab on the new MST 350. The response of the sensor is characterized by high linearity and repeatability on the whole measurement range   [0 Nm ÷ 350 Nm] either clockwise or counterclockwise.

Main Features

Typical Applications: Rotary Torque on Gearbox shafts (dynamic) , Reaction Torque (static)

Measurement Range: 0-350 Nm

Power supply: CR2032 battery (Energy Harvesting option under development)

Wireless connectivity with dedicated receiver (dongle)

Dongle Interface: RS-232 (default), CAN, Bluetooth, USB options available upon request

Plug & Play
(NO interruption or modification of existing parts & Aftermarket Ready)

Torque measurement on both metal and plastic parts