Why add Torque Sensing to your products?

Here are some important goals that you can achieve introducing a smart torque sensor in your systems

ECO-Friendly Operation

By optimizing the torque control you can reduce fuel (energy) consumption and CO2 emissions, saving money and helping our planet.

Enhanced Active SAFETY

With torque monitoring, you can be warned of potentially dangerous working conditions before they cause sudden faults with damages to the machinery, costly breakdowns and, more important, injuries to the operator.

Cost Effective Solution

With a smart torque monitoring, you enable a lot of features that allow to save money: a higher lifetime of your products, remote diagnostics, reduced number of breakdown, reduced cost for single breakdown.

Why should you choose our sensors?

"Keep it simple!" is our philosophy. In our vision "simple" means reliable and low cost.

Low Cost

We like technological challenges. Torque sensing is very expensive and highly desirable in many applications at the same time. Our technology is extremely low cost compared with the traditional ones. This allows obtaining sensors at affordable costs, widening their use into application fields where this was not possible up today.


Our technology is intrinsically reliable. The measurement is not affected by the environment where the sensors operate, even in case of harsh working conditions occuring in many many industrial scenarios. 
This allows obtaining high accuracy and high repeatability on the whole measurement range.

Smart Connectivity

Our sensors have wireless connectivity  and are designed to meet your IIoT ( Industrial Internet of Things) requirements. You can easily monitor data by means of  your  smartphone or tablet, or you can integrate the sensor into your existing network (e.g. CAN) by means of an additional dongle that will be designed ad-hoc to meet your specific application. 


Our patented core technology is highly scalable and allows to obtain flexible products tailored to the customer needs. Moreover, it allows to perform torque measurements on both metal and non-metal components.

Smart Architecture

Thanks to our technology, our sensors have a very compact form factor with reduced weight and dimensions. They do not require interruptions or modifications of existing parts, resulting in an easy installation with no special skills required.

Ultra Low Power

Our sensors are based on a state-of-the-art ultra-low power hardware platform allowing high lifetime even in case of battery-powered solutions. Depending on the specific application, energy harvesting and/or wireless power transfer solutions can be designed and realized.

Plug & Play

Our sensors offer a real Plug & Play solution, suitable for new products as well as aftermarket kit to add functionalities to existing systems.

Redundancy (optional)

Accordingly with the specific application, redundant architectures with seamless data integration can be realized.

Turnkey Solutions

Our products are real turnkey solutions able to add functionalities to your products with limited efforts without the need of complex re-design activities, resulting in a reduced Time-to-Market. We can support you in the integration of our sensors in your existing products as well as in the design of new ones.

To improve continuously our products, we pay a lot of attention to the feedback we receive from our customers and to the real needs of the market. At the same time, we lead an intense and continuous technology scouting activity to provide always state-of-the-art solutions.