3… 2…1…Let’s Go!

If we were still in the 80's the perfect soundtrack of this week should be "The Final Countdown" !

Just few hours and the final event of Premio Nazionale per l'Innovazione PNI will start. On December 1-2, 65 teams coming from all over Italy will present their projects and startup ideas to a grand jury of experts with technical and financial backgrounds.

The teams are divided in four categories (ICT, Life Sciences, Cleantech & Energy, Industrial) accordingly with their project's topic. IndioTECH with its new MST350 torque sensor  "will fight" against other 12 projects to win the 25.000€ of the First Prize in the category "INDUSTRIAL".

The IndioTECH's guys are very excited for this great opportunity and would like to thank all the people who have supported them constantly since the very beginning of their adventure.

So, keep the fingers crossed!...and GO IndioTECH!!